How it Works

                         Stream Connections offers Alternative TV Solutions.

Stream Connections LLC is a cost savings club. Members receive access to Stream Connect TV. Stream Connect TV is a Members benefit Streaming Service that provides “cable style” TV via the internet.

Stream Connect service includes over 350 English, and over 100 Spanish channels - including all your favorite Network, Move, and Sports channels. All of this for the ultra-low monthly fee. Contact your sales rep for your local pricing.

With Stream Connect TV you will be able to customize your channel line up to fit your needs. See our Line up Here 

How Does It Work

Streaming is a way of receiving video and audio data over the Internet as a steady, continuous flow that allows for the playback to start while the rest of the data is still being received, making it possible to view live TV. Streaming does not save or make a copy of any of the data it receives; it simply plays it.

How to get started

You will need a media streaming player. You can use a Fire Stick®, Apple TV® gen 4, Fire TV, or an Android based Smart TV.  The media player is a small computer device that connects the internet to your TV via a HDMI cable. The media player uses the Stream Connect TV app to supply you with “cable style” TV. You can also take it “On The Go” by putting the app on your phone or tablet, which allows you to enjoy your Live TV anywhere you have access to the internet.

Order on line by clicking Here (you will be taken to the Stream Connect TV website's Sign Me Up Page)

You provide the internet and Stream Connections provides the programming. (We suggest a 20mbps or better internet speed)

Premium Video on Demand (VOD)

 Stream Connections' members now have access to a VOD service. The VOD app will give you access to an unprecedented selection of TV shows and movies. 


Stop Dreaming of better TV -- Start Streaming Better TV